23rd May 2020: An introduction pt5

My husband suggested travel writing and I scoffed at him, I can’t write! It’s not just something I can do, I blasted. I started to half-heartedly look at post-graduate marketing courses offered by Plymouth University, where I’d studied for my History degree. I craved learning, I longed for the library and new knowledge. One evening I went onto the University website to look for the details of their post-graduate open evening and their twitter feed caught my eye. They were offering research opportunities in travel writing and my stomach somersaulted.
My leather book has been retrieved from the depths, a fresh new Moleskine notebook placed between its smooth covers and it’s finally going to have an opportunity to realise its potential; from functional briefcase it will become my treasured travelling companion and fieldwork confidante. Will I become a travel writer and realise my childhood dream? Well that remains to be seen, but I’m finally on the right path albeit changed, lived in and perhaps slightly battered.


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