22nd May 2020: An introduction pt4

I set myself a new dream, setting up a travel business via a home working franchise and making it a success; for a while that was fulfilling. I wanted to be involved in the positivity of organising travel, because for me, the emotions felt when visiting a destination are tangible at times. I’ve cried reaching the summit of a long hike in Utah, I’ve felt a fizz of electricity in a sweaty square full of people dancing the merengue in Santo Domingo and I’ve revelled in the freedom of exploring an unknown corner of New York City.
But working in sales is hard. People refer to the notion of greasy salesmen and in travel, you could imagine travel agents slick with coconut scented sun oil, desperately seeking a sale. After running a business for over three years, I would say it’s more akin to the protective grease that cross channel swimmers smother over themselves and if you’re not prepared to coat yourself in order to survive, then travel is a tough business to be in. I’ve always been too afraid to cover myself for the fear it won’t wash off and I’ll be lost underneath, but this has meant I’m unprotected and lurking in the shallows, not quite feeling like I belong with the other franchisees. I needed more from life, but what did more look like?


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