20th May 2020: An introduction pt2

It started life as a briefcase, perhaps loved and cherished, but certainly designed with a practical functionality in mind. I do not know how it came to be in the hands of the craftsman, but when the case fell into disrepair, he salvaged the leather that he could and gave it a new lease of life, with one piece set aside for the notebook cover I held in my hand. I purchased the notebook with the intention of releasing it from its former structured business life, but that wasn’t to be, not quite yet.
Instead the notebook continued to be a tool of practicality, assisting me with the day to day running of my travel business. I filled it with important details from phone calls and daily to-do lists, scraps of information containing the travel dreams of my clients, trips that it would never experience. Until one day I tucked the book into a bag and forgot to take it out again, instead reaching for one of many other disposable notebooks for my hastily scribbled notes that live inside my work desk in my home office.


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