19th May 2020: An introduction pt1

One of my favourite possessions is a small leather notebook cover, purchased from a craftsman at a local Christmas market a few years ago. I was perusing the stalls laden with handmade goods such as fragrant soaps, intricately designed wooden jewellery boxes and kitsch tree decorations, when I noticed his table tucked away in the corner. This gentleman’s skill was crafting pieces of leather into supple satchels with shiny silver buckles, keyring fobs for the budget conscious and notebooks brightly bound with colourful leather.
The item that drew my attention was a small notebook, that looked out of place next to the rest. Whilst the others were created from brightly dyed pieces of leather and looked playful and new, this one appeared lived in and slightly battered, as though it was the craftsman’s own that he had mistakenly left on his table of goods to sell. However, the notebook was for sale and it did have history as the gentleman explained, almost apologetically for the condition the notebook was in.


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